In 5000 BC, A Sumerian text describes "tooth worms" as the cause of dental decay. In the 21 century, researches are carried on for finding or create a tooth decay vaccine. In the past, dentistry was concerned with saving the tooth or at least restore it. Now, dentistry is looking forward to regenerate tooth even parts of it.

This is a great leap. The main causes are motivation and sharing knowledge. Motivation of the field colleagues, who carried it on and did it step by step filling the gabs in the shared knowledge and move on creating new steps.

Aswan Dental Syndicate international conference is a result of that and we hope to be a cause. In this conference many prestigious professors are going to share their knowledge, offer their expertise and motivate the attendee. Topics are going to cover almost dental specialties to maximize the benefits for the attendance.

The light and friendly atmosphere of the HELNAN HOTEL, ASWAN, invites the 500 expected attendees to relax, to look at their services and products for medical applications and administration and to conduct consultations.


The venue: Helnan hotel – Aswan, Egypt

1-2 Feb 2017   conference

3rd Feb 2017  Endodontics workshop


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Parallel to lectures and breaks you will be able to take advantage of the opportunity to present yourself to your specialist audience as a company and service provider in complementary health care.

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