A successful Dental conference in Aswan


ADS 2017

Aswan Dental Syndicate 2017 international conference


Aswan is the cradle of civilization, culture, history and tourism, the country that hosts thousands of tourists each season, it also hosts a lot of conferences in different fields of science, and it is the city that hosts ADS 2017 intenational conference. It was one of the biggest Dental conferences in Egypt as it includes a selection of specialists from all over Egypt.


The president of FDI, Dr. Patrick Hescot and Dr. Yasser El-Gendy, the Egyptian Dental Syndicate President, opened the conference as honorable guests. Also the conference hosted Prof. Hassan Selim, Prof. Medhat Kataia, Prof. Amina El-Mhalawi, Dr. Nahwand Thabet and eleven speakers.

During two days about 400 doctors and students followed a lot of very informative lectures.


We asked the participants about how they found the conference? They said that the conference was very intresting and organized well. Many told us, that they are looking forward to the next conference.


This conference was under super vision of the I.O.E. – WISSEN GMBH/Germany and cooperation with Aswan dental syndicate and Dr. Mohamed Sobhy Omar, Aswan dental syndicate president.

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